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Make Children’s Room More Eco Friendly

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Home Design and Environmental Protection

When one decides on the interior decoration of the home, many rooms have to be designed according to the type of room, whether it is a kitchen, living room or a bedroom.  Also another important aspect is to consider is who is going to be using that room. For example an interior design of a children’s bedroom is usually different from a master bedroom.

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Nowadays the design and décor of houses is done in a more eco friendly way. This is because people are realizing the importance of sustainable eco friendly living and are also taking steps while designing their homes to make it more eco friendly. This helps the individuals or family live a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. The need to reduce one’s carbon footprint means that we as individuals have to help conserve and save the environment which is already getting damaged by human activities. Small contributions from millions of individuals can help reduce the impact of human activities on the environment and also help to stop or reduce climate change, global warming, pollution and other harmful environment related impacts.

The following are some of the eco friendly designs and items for the children’s room of the house:

  • Sustainable lumber or wood can be used to make the furniture of the children’s bedroom. Using bamboo and other sustainable lumber from companies that adopt sustainable forest practices will help save the environment in a small way.
  • The lighting in the children’s room should be LED lighting which has many benefits. It is very cost effective as it lasts a lot longer than the conventional bulbs. Also it uses much lesser energy as compared to the conventional lights. Also they do not emit heat energy into the room like other lights which raises the temperature of the room and the atmosphere around the lights.
  • Paint the walls using eco friendly paints with low or no VOCs. VOCs can be harmful to the environment as well as the fumes of these paints with VOCs can be harmful to the kids. Use washable wall paints as kids like to draw on walls. The drawing on walls that have washable paints can be easily cleaned later without the paint getting washed away.
  • Use large windows that will allow sunlight in the rooms and make the atmosphere of the children’s bedrooms brighter and positive. Also with the sunlight entering the room, the electric light will not be used a lot which will save energy. Make sure the large windows are safe for the kids and put grills and other safety precautions for the windows.
  • Use recyclable lamps and showpieces in the kid’s rooms. Nowadays many shops also sell eco friendly toys. One can buy these toys for their children so that they play with toys that are more eco friendly. Limit the use of plastic in the interior décor of the room and use it only when absolutely necessary.
  • Another innovative solution is to design a huge drawing board in the children’s room so that the children draw and write on that board and do not waste paper for their everyday drawings.

While decorating and designing the children’s bedrooms one must try the above ideas as well as think and research more innovative ideas that can make the children’s room more eco friendly and at the same time safe for the kids. By adopting eco friendly ideas while designing the rooms of the house including the children’s room one can contribute in a small way towards the conservation of the environment.

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