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Make every step you take eco-friendly with the OneMoment shoe

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Being eco-friendly is the new age mantra. Anyone embracing this slogan is looked up with respect and forces others to follow such people’s footsteps. Well, if your household items, vehicles, clothes and jewelry yell ‘go green’ and forces people to follow your footsteps, how cool it will be if the same footsteps are made by eco-friendly footwear. Now, you must be thinking that is it possible and if it is how did you environment friendly people miss such footwear? But it is never too late.

Figtree Factory Studios is here to decorate your feet the ‘clean and green’ way with the OneMoment shoe. These shoes are a sign of protecting the nature and every step you take will be a step forward to save our ever deteriorating environment. Coming with a price tag that won’t leave a hole in your pocket, you can own a pair for as less as 5 euros and become a planet lover.
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These shoes are not only stylish and ultra modern but to top it all are also one hundred percent biodegradable. They are unisex shoes and can be worn by both the genders. It has a 2mm thick sole which is a good 3mm less than conventional shoes and has been crafted out of a biodegradable plastic sole which is build by making use of a bio-polymer injection process. The OneMoment shoe has a top that is 1mm in thickness.
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After they wear out you can easily throw them without fearing what effect they will have on the surroundings. These shoes only take 6 months in the ground before 01M is 80% composted.

If you are a nature lover and want that every step you take should be nothing but eco-friendly then it is time to buy the OneMoment shoe. So, all you boys and girls it’s time to make your feet and thereafter steps leave a mark of the ,clean and green. slogan.
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