Home Green Products Guide Make you home inviting with Integral Studio Vinaccia’s new wooden lamps

Make you home inviting with Integral Studio Vinaccia’s new wooden lamps

Integral Studio Vinaccia’s new wooden lamps

We are born with responsibility for our environment. As residents of this beautiful, it is necessary that we fulfill this duty like all our other duties. Moreover, it isn’t really that hard to fulfill it. All you have to do is make certain choices, that’s all. Your environment demands nothing from you. These choices include not polluting the environment, growing trees, nourishing nature all around you, etc. However, not all of us can do this. Nevertheless, there’s one thing that all of us can do. We all can buy eco-friendly products in place of products that harm the environment. For example, here below is a list of eco-friendly lamps like wooden lamps made from recycled materials and that would help you in making your abode even greener.

Integral Studio Vinaccia’s new wooden lamps

techno organic lighting 2

The present day market requires products that not only satisfy and foresee consumer’s requirements, but are also eco-friendly. Companies are making every possible effort to understand the market’s needs so that they can find new opportunities for innovation and creativity. One such company that uses a wide range of technological expertise to design new products is Integral Studio Vinaccia. Established in 1987 in Milan by Giulio and Valerio Vinaccia, the studio excels in product design, packaging and corporate graphic image. Understanding the need for green products, the studio has designed a new line of innovative lamps. Dubbed the “Techno-Organic Lighting”, these lamps are functional, aesthetically-appealing and eco-friendly.

techno organic lighting 1

This new collection incorporates suspended LED lamps that use an overlay of hard wooden slats to create volume and soft familiar shapes. Whether it’s the stunning Cumulus lamp or it’s the intricate Frame lamp, all the lamps in this collection have their own tale to narrate. The Cumulus lamp features a cloud of wooden blades that spreads its soft light while floating from the ceiling. Casting elaborate shadows on the surrounding space is the Frame lamp, whose wood slats hold an interchangeable central screen. These are several other lamps to choose from. These lighting fixtures hold the potential of throwing new life into any dwelling. If you are one of those who are admirers of the wood finish, then the natural wood look would suit your style, else you could also go for the black or white color option.

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Some more sustainable lamp idea like the wooden lamps

1. Honeycomb-inspired lamp made from recycled copper rings

Honeycomb-inspired lamp made from recycled copper rings

Recycled materials have been put to use in numerous ways but none so creative. Have you ever seen copper rings look so beautiful? Industrial designer Georgi Porgy has so skillfully designed this amazing looking lamp by combing many copper rings together in the shape of a honey comb. This lamp has been named the Olive Tree Lamp. The lamp not only looks impressive but provides a very unique lighting effect. Perfect to hang in any part of your house, you can take an extra step towards the go green mission by fitting a power saver LED bulb in this beautiful looking eco-friendly honeycomb-inspired lamp. Move away from the traditional looking lamps to something far more attractive and nature friendly.

2. LIGHT Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

LIGHT Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

This lamp hanging made from recycled plastic bottles take recycling to a whole new level. Beautifully knitted together, no one could ever imagine that this amazing looking lamp is actually just a bunch of old plastic bottles creatively put together. Though time consuming, siblings Reta and Vana Howell of THIS gallery have very skillfully turned trash into treasure. Each design is unique and original. The designs are so well crafted that one such lamp shade will never be enough. You will want more. Collecting discarded bottles from parks, school grounds and public spaces, the sisters came up with this amazing idea of eco-friendly lamps. The process included taking these discarded bottles and fusing them into a material that was glass-like. These lamps have been specifically designed to use CFL bulbs.

3. Najah table lamp

Najah Table Lamp

Swiss designer, Anne Cecile Rappa portrays beautiful craftsmanship with her awesome series of lamps named Najah, Lazara and Ilham. These lamps are made by enclosing interesting objects in knitted plastic bags. Exquisite and elegant, this Najh table lamp has instantly grabbed a lot of attention. Made by wrapping a salad bowl with plastic bags, it is hard to imagine such a creative use of plastic. Extra points go to this creative designer for using plastic as a part of her designs. We all know how that plastic is not biodegradable. Hence such a useful utilization of plastic definitely deserves extra credit. The Lazara lamp is a floor standing lamp that uses garbage bins instead of a salad bowl while the Ilham lamp uses a bucket. You could fit it with an energy saver bulb and go green even in every corner of your home.

4. Giara lamp from recycled cork

Giara lamp from recycled cork

There is nothing artificial in this lamp. From the material used to the adhesive to hold the material together, everything is natural products. Giara, a uniquely designed lamp designed by Chiara Goose Gustinelli of McGiver Creative Lab, is hundred percent natural. It makes it one of the most eco-friendly lamps available in the market today. It has been made by creatively combining recycled cork. What’s even more amazing is that the adhesive used to hold the material together is not the usual ordinary glue. Natural resins have been used instead.

Cork is known to renew itself every nine years. This makes it extremely nature-friendly. Furthermore, these lamps are also very sturdy and long-lasting. In addition, they can lighten up even your darkest room and look very nice.

Going green has never been more beautiful. These elegant and classy looking lamps can add a very natural look to your living room, or even the dining space. The lamps are available in the form of pendants and need to be hung from the wall.

5. Recycled beer bottle lamp dedicated to 9/11 sufferers

Recycled beer bottle lamp dedicated to 9/11sufferers

9/11 is a day marred in the minds of not just Americans but people worldwide as a day of tragedy and suffering. Ismael Quintero of IQ has very generously dedicated his new eco-friendly lamp to the sufferers of this tragic day. Glass bottles are one of the most objects used in any industry. But obvious, because of this discarded glass bottles and jars are bound to accumulate in large number. Quintero has very cleverly used these bottles in a very innovative way. This elegant lamp has been created with recycled beer bottles. The words “Nostri Lumen Est Una” that means “our light is one” has been inscribed on the lamp to depict the designer’s feelings towards unity.

6. Nuo lamps made from rattan strips from banana trees


London based designer, Kenyon Leh has recently unveiled his pendant lamp collection named ‘Nuo’. Kenyon wanted to revive dying old traditions in the view of contemporary decor trends and hence decided to make lamps with contemporary silhouettes from banana strips. This desire to create something eco-friendly and at the same time fashionable, took him to Indonesia to learn the art of making artifacts from banana strips which are known as ‘Rattan’.

Yeh named his rattan pendant lamp project ‘Nuo’ and traveled all the way from London to Indonesia to meet the local artisans and learn from them the process of making rattan woven strips. The lamp is divided into two parts – the inner and the outer part – both need a highly skilled craftsman to make the curve right and the best of the best artisans did this work for the Nuo collection. Just like wooden lamps, the pendant shaped lamp is made entirely with banana tree byproducts. Moreover, Rattan strips base and stem of bananas are used in the lamp, as they both are environment-friendly and can be decomposed completely.

Kenyon runs his design furniture studio in London and his approach towards work comes from curiosity satisfied by the experimental process. Furthermore, the lamp collection is strikingly beautiful and simple, creating a fine balance between natural and modern.