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Make your diet eco-friendly with these 7 ideas

by DrPrem Jagyasi

While all of us know about dieting, not many of us are aware of an eco-friendly diet. An eco-friendly diet can be considered as a diet that helps you lose weight in a manner that is safe for yourself as well as the environment around you. So here are some tips you could take into consideration when opting for an eco-friendly diet.

Shop locally

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Instead of buying imported foods from other regions, consider buying all the food you want from local farmers. In addition to reducing the costs and emissions related to fuel and transportation, this move will help preserve small farms and contribute to the development of the local economy. Better yet, locally sourced food is almost always better than foods from far away that need to be sprayed with pesticides and synthetic preservatives to remain intact until they reach the destination.

Grow your own food

 Shop locally

A great way to make your diet eco-friendly is to grow your own food. If you have the necessary space in your garden or backyard, create your own vegetable/fruit garden. This will reduce the need for you to travel to supermarkets to get what you want. No need to worry if you don’t have space though. You can opt for a container garden or a vertical indoor garden for the same purpose. This also eliminates the need for you to spend time and money in driving to local markets to get your food.

Buy organic food

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An eco-friendly diet can never be complete without organic food. Make sure you fill your basket with organic foods at the market. But don’t be deceived by labels alone, for some companies claim to be organic when in fact, they are not. So check for certifications from renowned organizations. Also check where these foods are grown or manufactured. If they are available abroad and need to travel thousands of miles to reach you, it is considered best to avoid them altogether as this will reduce emissions to a great extent.

Read the labels

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If you still prefer to buy your food, check the labels to make sure they contain Fair Trade certification. This means that the farmers who grow these foods work in fair conditions and would get a reasonable price for their foods.

Stay away from dirty dozen

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The Dirty Dozen happens to be a list of some of the most harmful pesticides that can be found on vegetables and fruits. These pesticides are originally created to kill insects and fungi. However, they can also pose serious health related risks for the body. Hence, make sure that the foods you buy do not contain these pesticides at all costs.

Buy eco-friendly fish


While fish can be considered as a sustainable food item, it pays to check for species that are farmed or fished with conscientious practices. Note down these species on a list and take it along with you to the fish market. This way, you can make sure you include fish in your diet without causing any harm to the ecosystem in the process.

Reduce meat consumption

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Doctors and nutritionists always advise cutting down on meat intake when on a diet. Reducing meat intake however, is linked to more than just weight loss. Studies have established that the current generation of youngsters are more health conscious and are increasingly opting towards a vegan diet to remain healthy and save the environment in the process.

It is no surprise that the meat industry is an anti-green arena that contributes to some of the most serious environmental problems plaguing the earth. So giving up on meat will ensure that you lose weight and become fit in an eco-friendly manner.

A lot of individuals are opting for eco-friendly way to lose weight. From growing your own garden, buying organic food and shopping at local markets to reducing meat consumption and buying eco-friendly fish, these are some of the best ways in which you can make your diet healthy as well as eco-friendly.

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