Making the Switch to Green Cleaning

Switch to Green Cleaning

Go Green!

With a lot of pressure being placed on businesses to make sure that they’re using green cleaning technologies to help the environment, one of those practices you can utilize is green cleaning. As you might imagine, a lot of the cleaning products used in business settings are toxic and can harm the environment whilst polishing your floor. By taking a step to remove those harsh chemicals and instead use green methods to keep your business sanitary and clean, you can help the fight against climate damage, too. This article will discuss a few methods on how you can make your green cleaning program a success. 

  1. Utilize Resources

    Switch to Green Cleaning

    If you take a quick look around, there are other industries out there that have established green cleaning programs that have been proven to be successful. Adopt one of theirs and customize it so that it matches your needs. For quick reference, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has quite a few programs that promote green cleaning and you can easily find steps to follow as well as ideas from there.

    2. Consider The Building At Large

    Green cleaning is more than just using the right kind of products to do the actual cleaning. You should look at ways to prevent dirt and such from entering the building in the first place. A green-approved mat could be placed at all of the entryways to remove some of the debris from outside. This can lower the need to clean and continue an overall green-minded business.

     3. Educate

    Switch to Green Cleaning

    In order for the green cleaning program to work, everyone has to be on board and doing their part. If one person chooses to keep to their practices, then the entire thing fails. As such, you’ll need to educate the cleaning staff on how to use the products efficiently and effectively. You’ll also want to speak with the occupants who reside in the building. Perhaps telling them how certain contaminants and cleaning products can injure their health may convince them to take an active part in keeping the business running greenly.

    4. Write It Down

    Because this might be such a drastic change from what your cleaning crew is used to, writing it all down in a guide can help them for future reference. You can put in specific details on how to clean and with what, so they are equipped with the tools and know-how on how to make the program a success.

    3. Train

    Switch to Green Cleaning

    This goes along with education, but for your cleaning crew, you’ll need to make sure they are properly trained. This ensures they are prepared and effective when using the new cleaning products.

    4. Innovate

    While you don’t need to start your own green cleaning program from scratch, you should definitely innovate. Try new things, new methods, new products, and see what works best for your business. You may just end up leading the green cleaning programs.

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