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Makool’s white organic dresses are great for this Summer

Makool's Little White Organic Dresses

In today’s highly eco-conscious environment, everyone is trying his best to be as eco-friendly as possible. Fashion designers are no exception to this. Recently, they have started incorporating more organic materials such as hemp, bamboo, or organic cotton into their designs. Similarly, Anisa Makhoul, Portland-based designer, has launched her eco-friendly Spring/Summer collection for women.

The entire collection consists of mostly neutral colors and a few bright blobs of color here and there. Anisa has made extensive use of raw and undyed organic cotton to let the fabric show its natural color, thus maintaining a uniform look throughout her collection. Apart from organic cotton, she has also used silk chiffon in the dresses. To add extra charm to her collection, Anisa used vintage lace, antique buttons, and crochet embellishments made by hand.

Her Spring/Summer collection is inspired by air and lightness, and can be ordered from her online store, Makool. The collection mostly consists of sun dresses and a top, and is based entirely organic cotton and silk chiffon, perfect fabrics for summer use. This chic and green collection is a must have for every eco-friendly woman, especially if you love wrapping yourself in the soft and light organic cotton and chiffon.

Via: Makool/Ecouterre

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