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Malta regulations seek to make petards less noisy than before

loud petards

Malta, one of Europe’s smallest and most densely populated countries, is looking forward to new rules that will bring some hope to the environment. The new regulations that are expected to be published on Tuesday are associated with reduction of noise pollution and environmental hazards. According to the regulation, the size of loud petards known as tal-bomba will be decreased from six to five inches, reducing their force. It brings good news for the residents too, as the inconvenience caused by noisy petards will be reduced, as the number of loud petards fired will be limited to six in one session.

The firework factories have been given the instruction in this regard and the fireworks inspectorate has been given the power to enforce regulations and recommendations properly. A new register will be maintained where details regarding the material bought and used by fireworks factories will be put down. According to the new regulation, the petards can be let off from 100 meters rather than the earlier 150 meters, while only smaller, less dangerous petards would be allowed within the shorter distance. All explosive material would incorporate a material safety data sheet that will give information regarding the properties of the substance. The inspection work has already begun, whose finding reports are expected to be published in the coming months.

Via: TimesOfMalta