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Man breaks own record to build world’s tallest sand castle

World’s Tallest Sand Castle

The best competitor of a person is himself and this is rightly proved by the master of sand artistry, Ed Jarrett. Jarrett broke his record of building the world’s tallest sand castle for the third consecutive occasion on May 20. The masterpiece stands at 37 foot, 10 inch height. It took more than 1500 volunteers who worked collectively for almost 2500 hours to turn 1.6 million pounds of sand into this marvelous structure.

The castle started taking its form on 1st of April and it took seven weeks of day and night work to get completed. The final measurements were taken by the officials on May 20. The castle was initially supposed to be 38 feet and 75 inches tall, but due to bad weather forecast and the damage done to the top of the castle by a blue bird, Jarrett decided to wind up the work soon to prevent the castle from getting shorter. Still the castle is certified as the tallest sand castle in the world.

Jarrett broke the Guinness World Record for the tallest sand castle for the first time in 2003 in Falmouth, Maine, by sculpting a 29 feet, 3 inches tall. He did it again in 2007 by breaking his own record and building a 31 feet and 7 inches tall castle, at Point Sebago Resort in Casco, Maine. The sculpture was named the ‘castle of the sun’ and raised $1000,000 for the camp sunchine, a charity meant for families of children with life-threatening illness. But, artist in Jarret was still not contended and thus, this marvelous structure stands tall today marking his achievement before the world.

Jarrett’s Castle is a multi-charity fund raising event designed to support the Save Walton Pond project at Winding Trails, Special Olympics Connecticut, Gifts of Love, New Horizons, and UCONN Children’s Cancer Fund. The project was sponsored by Dunning sand Gravel, which donated all the sand needed for the project. The lumber and fencing were provided by Sanford and Hawley.

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