Martifer Solar – Powering the world with Pure Energy

The photovoltaic market is well acquainted with the name of Martifer Solar, as it is a major driver in revolutionizing the entire photovoltaic market. Martifier Solar, has built for itself such a profound global name by effectively working according to the customer expectations and contributing to the world the natal ideas in the development of EPC and O&M services in the photovoltaic market.  The contributions of Martifer Solar are like none other and that is the reason that toady it stands at a global position with a clear and a well-earned name that cannot be easily tainted.

Martifer Solar is a Portuguese based company that is successfully working in 20 other nations and over 4 continents. To see how Martifer Solar transforms solar energy into green assets, visit and become a part of the success story of Martifer solar. Martifer solar has earned itself a global name for it is best known to maximize the value and mitigating the risks so involved. The success lore of Martifer Solar is justified by the results it produces. It has it has globally implemented solar energy worth 560 MW till date. Martifer Solar has been handling energy projects all around and emerging this world with pure energy and systems. It has had an unparalleled growth trend justifying it with an impressive record of accomplishments.

desert solar power

Martifer solar has envisioned a sustainable future and is working for it in the very present. It aims to achieve 2GW of installed solutions to generate the visional electric power by 2018. It believes that innovation take you further and thus it believes in out of the box thinking and incorporates the ideas so generated. They believe that commitment and hard work are the keys to success that duly complement the talent and passion earning a competitive advantage over others.



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