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Meet incredible sculptures at Grenada’s underwater museum

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The underwater world is like a treasure box, which unfolds mysterious treasures as you go deeper. Schools of glittering fishes, diverse marine life, crystal clear turquoise waters and stunning underwater coral reefs is something what this beautiful aquatic world has in store for us, but Grenada has a little more excitement to add. The gorgeous island country welcomes you to the most amusing underwater museum. This one-of-a-kind massive underwater sculpture park flaunts unbelievable sculptures by internationally renowned sculpture and installation artist Jason deCaires Taylor.

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Dubbed the “Moiliniere Bay underwater museum,” this sculpture garden includes sixty-five sculptures placed at a variety of depths. Located two miles north of the capital St Georges within National Marine Park, this underwater museum is spread over an area of 800sq.m. The idea behind these artworks was to form artificial corals and support a variety of marine life. After three years beneath the Grenadian waters, it has been found that the sponges, tunicates, hydroids, soft and hard corals have grown beyond expectations. This incredible one-stop destination for eco-conscious visitors will provide hours of fun, leisure and learning.

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