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Meet the world’s best card-stacker who creates cities with playing cards

26ft Tall Card Tower

These are constructions of a different kind. The jaw-dropping sight of the replicas of world famous high-rise structures is the result of unceasing devotion of the world’s best card stacker Brian Berg. The architect doesn’t believe in mortar and cement to build cities but simple decks of standard commercially available playing cards that he uses as raw material for his multi-storied marvels.

Creating delicate structures with cards is an art that Brian perfected over a period of 30 long years. No wonder, today the 37 year-old professionally trained architect from Harvard holds the world record of erecting 26 feet tall stack of Dallas skyline, for which he used 1,060 card decks. Nevertheless, it is not the biggest structure he has built. Habitual of breaking his own previous records, the replica of Venetian Macau Resort-Hotel is his largest creation till date. He used the mind-boggling 4,000 decks of cards and 44 days to bring the structure into existence. His other works include New York skyline and Cinderella’s castle.

For the painstakingly slow exercise of building structures with cards, Brian employs different techniques to balance cards in his structures. While explaining the principles he uses in creating structures he says that there is a definite way of placing cards to achieve visual or structural goal. However, the most important part of the creation process is the stability of the structure for which the Iowa based architect says,

Because of the structural geometry and all the weight of the cards, they are very strong and stable. In addition, all the cards are placed at right angles in such a way as to brace each other from falling over or bending under a load.

The most attractive phenomenon in Brian’s structures is that they are free standing and do not require outside support. Brian got fascinated with cards quite early. He was only eight when he cut his first deck and ever since, cards have become the medium for the outward exhibition of his architectural genius.

The uniqueness of this Guinness card-stacking record holder is in his strong belief in the philosophy that whatever goes up must come down. According to him demolition is also part of the creative process that offers so much to learn. After trying lot many methods of demolition, Brian now employs his favorite – leaf blower method. This method enables the demolish man to direct wind to a particular area of the structure to inflict maximum damage. According to him it is always interesting to see towers swaying and eventually taking impact of the strong winds before the collapsing begins. The best part is that the collapsing of card structures follows same principles of physics as the real buildings and it is amazing to watch the process as well as learn tremendously from it.

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Via: DailyMail