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Metropol Parasol: World’s largest wooden structure opened officially

Amazing, astonishing, spectacular are a few words that come to my mind when I talk of the Metropol Parasol. The project that broke ground back in 2004 in Seville, Spain has finally reached completion after good 7 years. But, this masterpiece is worth every minute of the hard work and patience that has gone into building it. Located at Plaza de la Encarnacion, this beautiful structure stunned everyone on its official opening yesterday. What is being called the world’s largest wooden structure is designed by Berlin-based architect J. Mayer H. Architects. The 30 meter-high cloud/mushrooms/parasols/waffle is an interlocking honeycomb of wooden panels that rise from concrete bases. This concrete base forms canopies and walkways below the parasols.

The spectacular structure houses a market, shops, and a podium where concerts and events can take place. It’s unique which is gaining a lot of appreciation includes a restaurant, a viewing gallery, and a winding, undulating walkway. You can enjoy a mastering view of the roofline of the city from here. Made from bonded timber, this innovative structure gets the sheen look because of the polyurethane coating. Initially, the site was supposed to become a parking garage, but later it was decided that the site was perfect to have a museum and community center.

Via: Inhabitat

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