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Mini Greenhouses recycled from old streetlights

by DrPrem Jagyasi

For nature lovers, spreading the green message starts at the doorstep by adopting green measures within and without the house. There are simple remedies, ideas and appliances that can be used to make a lot of difference. Penny stores, garage sales and your own basement can be a treasure trove of materials that can be reused innovatively to perform innumerable functions.


Gardening Naturally

The garden is the place of pride and joy and any gardener who is passionate of his/her cultivated patch of land could do the something different by thinking out of the box. You need not splurge on accessories to beautify your garden, but use simple objects for practical purposes to make them look gorgeous.

Streetlights for Cloches

A cloche is a small greenhouse, which is a centuries old idea. It is used in cold climes to extend growing season. The hollow of streetlight covers make perfect cloches since they are made of sturdy glass materials and filter adequate lights and create a warm interior that is suited for the plant’s growth. Gardens with cool weather crops will benefit greatly with this simple apparatus. They are easy to prop-up in summers to create just the right amount of shade by using a simple stick.


Where do you get these?

You can buy old streetlight lids from stores that sell recycled products, or source them from your neighborhood when they are being replaced. Just ensure that they do not have any holes or cracks and they give enough room for your plant or shrub to grow. They should be made of thick glass or even plastic should be sufficient, though plastic may not last long.

Construction Junction is a great place to find them as they deal in recycled materials and supply all sorts of construction material.

How to place them

Just shut it like a lid on top of your plants, they can look quite pretty, lined in the backyard with the greens reflecting on the surface. In summer, you can leave them half-open by propping them up with a stick or rod to let sunlight in. they are great props for your vegetable gardens as the plants can continue to bloom and one can have vegetables throughout the year from their garden.

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