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MIT researchers succeed in printing solar cells on paper

mit semiconductor coated paper

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working towards bringing a new revolution in the field of solar power. The team has come out with a way to print thin film solar cells on paper. This new technique that will help in reducing the weight of solar panels drastically includes coating of paper with organic semiconductor material using a process similar to an inkjet printer.

The new semiconductor-coated paper developed by MIT scientists includes carbon-based dyes, giving the cells an efficiency of 1.5 to 2 percent. Led by MIT professor Karen Gleason, the research holds the potential to improve the production and installation of solar panels. If the study gets success, the process will be used to print cells on metal foil or even plastic in coming times.

Since this pioneering technology is still in the research phase, its commercialization will take a long time. But, once it hits the market, you can bid good bye to those heavy-weighted solar panels that require a professional installation team.

Via: Inhabitat

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