The modern world’s stunning green innovations that can change our lives

Going green is not just about making groundbreaking innovations that use less energy or produce electricity from air. It is about innovating ways through which we can curb bad energy habits and get accustomed to a green and eco-friendly way of life. The deteriorating condition of the environment has made it necessary for us to think of ways through which we can save water, energy and other natural resources.

Scientists and technologists are trying to come up with energy efficient devices and appliances for making our lives easier. Apart from them, we too can make smart choices for curbing pollution and energy wastage. In the following some of the best green innovations and eco-friendly innovative changes have been listed which may change how we lead our lives.

Electric cars

Chevy Volt

They have been around for quite some time but it is now that electric cars are really gaining the attention of the masses. The new age electric cars are affordable and smarter. For example, the Chevy Volt uses electric hybrid engine and utilizes electricity for the first 35 miles of the journey. Then the gas engine kicks in to charge the battery. The lack of charging stations for electric cars is a major obstacle in popularizing this type of vehicle but hopefully, the advancement of technology will sort this problem out.

Bike sharing programs

 Bike sharing

This is less of an innovation and more of a choice that has already influenced many. By using a bike instead of a car or public transport, you can cut down your daily carbon consumptions. The more people join this program, the better will be its overall impact. One has to enroll for this program and pay a fee of around $75 annually. After enrolling you can check out a bike of your choice from the nearest kiosk and then ride it to your workplace and park it in another kiosk. This way you will be exercising and saving fuel costs at the same time.



This one is a quirky yet useful innovation that will help you keep your cell phone from running out of juice ever so often. Solepower Tech has launched Solepower, which converts the kinetic power of your feet into electric energy for charging your cell phones. Put the cell phone in your shoe and start walking or jogging. The power of your movement will charge up the batteries of the phone. We can surely hope that Solepower Tech will use the same technology for other purposes and cut down wastage of energy.

Dearman engine

 Dearman Engine

This innovation has the potential of changing the way of our life. The Dearman Engine runs on liquefied air. Liquid air is a very effective alternative of the exorbitantly priced and expensive fossil fuels. The liquid air has to be kept at a temperature of minus 200 degree Celsius.

This special type of engine has been created by Peter Dearman, who worked day and night in the garden shed of his UK home for building it. Sponsors have already started showing interest in his concept and he is conducting tests on it which will completed by summer.


 Morpher bike helmet

Bikers often find it hard to store their helmets as they take up lots of space. The Morpher bike helmet can change the scenario as it easily collapses to the size of textbooks, which fits into backpacks. Despite its flexibility and collapsibility, the Morpher protects the head of the wearer and it has been made following the industrial standards. An English inventor and businessman, Jeffery Woolf OBE, has invented it.


Innovations and careful choices can help in turning this planet into a greener and safer one for our coming generations. Several new innovations are focused on saving energy and using alternatives of fossil fuels.

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