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Modular eco-friendly kitchen for comfortable cooking and dining

Eco-Kitchen by Valeria Green

When the world is adopting green features in all aspects of life, interior designers are also a step ahead with the elegantly designed modular “green and eco-friendly kitchen”, serving both cooking and dining purposes with optimal use of electricity and water. This specially designed oval shaped ‘Eco-Kitchen‘ by Valeria Green occupies minimum space and represents a kitchen island enabling you to cook and dine alone or with your family and friends.

You will find everything in this kitchen including a gas range, an electrical stove, a small sized fridge accommodative of all essential items, a ceiling fume hood, a small sink, gas tank and a recycling device. The cupboard can hold all kitchen cutleries and dishes. The kitchen parts can be congregated for cooking and dining or you can separate the modules to enjoy cooking alone. This unique feature helps in able space management as you can cook comfortably with every necessary item within your reach, chatting with family members or friends seated on the separated stools.

Recycle the organic waste through the in housed biogas plant and consume less electrical energy. This will cut down your power bills and the compost produced as a by-product of the gas plant can be used as the manure for your kitchen garden. The fume hood serves dual purposes. It drives out the hot air outside during the summer and in winter imports hot cleaned air from outside to heat up the interior, sparing your room heater from extra functioning. Electricity and water lining are channeled through the floor.

The kitchen body is made of eco-friendly recycled plastic and the kitchen top from acrylic stone. Recycled plastic granules are used as
filling materials of this modular kitchen, enabling the reuse of non-biodegradable polymers. The veneer and enamel coating of the kitchen front ensures its longevity. Save water using the recycled sink water for wiping floors, flushing toilets or watering the kitchen garden.