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Montana Magica lodge preserves the beauty of nature

This vacation, if you want to visit a place with an amazing natural beauty, you are most welcome to the Montana Magica lodge which is situated inside the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, Andes of Patagonia. Located in the heart of the 10,000 acre Chilean rainforest, Montana Magica is one of its kind lodge with an incomparable beauty. The extraordinary fact about the lodge is that it is completely man made. The credit for creating this masterpiece goes to Puerto Fuy Neltume and the craftsmen of the nearby areas. The building is totally covered with greenery and it very well mingles with its surrounding.

Montaña Mágica Lodge

Natural beauty at its best:

In the present world, where commercialization is increasing at such a fast rate, every element of Montana Magica lodge still preserves the natural beauty in its purest form. The conical building resembles the shape of a volcano. The only difference is that instead of lava, water erupts from the top of it, giving rise to a beautiful man made waterfall.

The water flows till the bottom of the building, creating a magical sight. The only way to reach this lodge is by crossing a wooden suspension bridge. This lodge, in the middle of a deep forest, provides a luxurious world class facility to all the people who visit the place. You can even enjoy the luxury of soaking in the most extraordinary bath tubs that have been carved out of ancient tree trunks.

This rainforest is about 12,000 years old and full of different types of flora and fauna. So, if you ever get a chance to visit this place, do not miss it. It will be the most memorable trip of your lifetime. There is a lot to discover in and around Montana Magica.

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