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More people want a greener Christmas than you might think

by Dr Prem Community Writer
greener Christmas

We usually tend to underestimate the number of eco-friendly people around us. It’s because there are many of us, who have eco-friendly preferences, but don’t really count themselves as eco-conscious. This is especially the case with our older generations. The survey regarding Christmas waste and gifts in UK by Travelzoo came to similar conclusions. Let us see why that’s the case:

Most are tired of too many presents

There was a time when people lived in scarcity. Back then, having a gift meant you would get to have something you don’t have. However, now it isn’t the case. Thanks to modern day consumerism, most of us usually have everything we need. So, getting a gift or not, doesn’t matter much difference to us. On the contrary, most of the elderly (30% of people over 55) think that ‘too many presents is the worst thing about Christmas. Moreover, there are also many of us, who simply avoid buying too many presents or opt for recycled presents.

We are aware of the environmental issues

Climate change is real. Most of us might already have had a first hand experience of the same. Therefore, it might not come as surprise that of all the 2500 people who participated in the survey by Travelzoo, 57% were willing to make changes to make their Christmas eco-friendly.

Well, that’s not all. Check out the infographic below to see what else the survey found out.

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