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Most unique eco friendly hotels around the world

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Mother Nature needs all the attention that we can give her. The truth is that most human activities pollute the environment. Even our most normal and regular lifestyle activities are probably damaging the nature in some way or other. We live in lavish hotels and throw litter without thinking about the dire consequences. Every individual needs to cautiously bring down his/ her carbon footprint and contribute towards keeping the world clean. There are some hotels around the world which follows the norms of keeping the environment clean. In this article you will get acquainted with some of the best eco-friendly hotels around the globe. Travelling is a part of life and it is difficult to keep a tab on your carbon footprint while on the move. Your stay in these hotels will not incur serious damage on the surrounding atmosphere and you will be able to contribute in safeguarding the environment.

Bushmans Kloof  Wilderness Reserve and Wellness Retreat:

The authorities of this Reserve are very cautious about the maintenance of it. They make sure that the functions of the Retreat don’t affect the surrounding nature in an adverse manner. Situated at the Western Cape of South Africa, this Retreat has planted some 150 Cedar trees to promote vegetation growth and density. They conserve water and make compost from the organic wastes. They also educate the guests about the importance of conserving natural resources.


Hotel Alexandra:

Winner of the prestigious Green Key for its eco friendly activities, the Hotel Alexandra is a great place to stay in. They are consciously trying to improve the use of water, food and energy in a way that it does not affect the surrounding environment. They are also involved in helping kids of backward nations in education and other matters.

Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort and Spa:

If Colorado is a place you are planning to visit then you must stay at the Devil’s Thumb. They are very eco-aware and helping in keeping the environment clean in various ways. They use a geothermal system for controlling the indoor temperature and fluorescent, energy efficient bulbs. They have utilized the stones from local landslides for building the beautifully crafted exterior walls.



The very innovative Treehotel is gaining popularity among adventure lovers. There is a kid in all of us and that kid would love to live on a tree. This hotel burns the toilet wastes through a unique combusting technology. Every room gives a lovely view of the Lule River Valley.