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Multicolored Audubon bins complement any decor

audubon recycling receptacles

Miami firm DeepStream Designs collaborated with Móz Designs, a decorative metal fabricator based in Oakland, California, to produce Audubon Recycling Receptacles that are vivacious enough to place almost anywhere: a high-end office building, a resort, airports or hotels. Made from 80 percent post-industrial recycled aluminum, the line of bins feature removable and customizable panels offered in scores of colors. So when the surrounding decor changes, you can replace the panel with one that suits the changed color scheme.

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The 31 inches tall and 17 inches deep receptacles lie beneath a top with labels suggesting what to place in the bin. Normally priced somewhere at $1,050 to $2,300, the bins go slightly pricier if you want your company’s logo emblazoned on the panels.

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Via: GreenBiz

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