7 Ways To Beat The Heat Without Air Conditioning

Beat The Heat Without Air Conditioning

It is summer time. You had a long day at work. You reach home, switch on the air conditioning, and relax in the cool air. For a month or so, you feel blessed to find some reprieve in your air conditioner from this scorching sun. Then, you come face to face with your electricity bill. In your mind, you always knew that the bill is going to make you scream in horror. But, you think to yourself – what is the solution? Where is the alternative? Truth be told, there is not one – but several alternatives to minimize the usage of air conditioner and save yourself the expensive, horrific bill, a month later.

Open up your windows in the morning

Open-up-your-windows-in-the-morningThe best way to allow cool, fresh air into your house is to keep your windows open at the right time. The rule is to keep your windows open if the temperature is below 75 degrees Fahrenheit and close them if the temperature exceeds the limit.

Tip: Temperatures are usually low during the early morning hours. They are also low after 8 P.M. in the night.  So, the best advice to keep the windows open during wee morning and late evening hours to allow fresh air to enter as well as circulate in your house.

Another way to escape the heat is to keep the windows closed when the temperatures are soaring outside the four walls of your house.

Get rid of rugs and carpets

Beautiful and intricately designed rugs and carpets are the first choice of interior lovers. Rugs and carpets might grace the home interiors in colder countries. But you must remember that these rugs and carpets are not suitable for hotter environments. Thick carpets and rugs collect a lot of dust, thereby compromising on the quality of fresh air inside your house.

To allow the circulation of fresher air around you, get rid of these rugs and wall-to-wall carpets. Making your house free of these thick interior furniture will allow you to breathe easily in cool air, and reduce the amount of heat entering your house.

Tip: Replace the beautiful rugs and carpets with equally stunning textures of wood, marble or bamboo flooring. These materials keep your floors cool, thereby giving you enough respite from the heat outside the four walls.

Choose the right curtains

Choose the right curtainsIf you think that dark colored curtains will stop the sun’s heat from penetrating into your room, you are wrong. Science has time and again proven that darker colors absorb more heat. Does this mean that you get rid of the curtains? No. However, the best way to escape the heat outside is to hang full-length curtains with neutral or light shades.

Tip: Choose linen curtains above all else since linen is an eco-friendly material. Not only that, linen is also hypo allergic resistant. This makes linen one of the best heat resistant materials out there. Hanging linen curtains is clearly one of the most effective ways to escape the brunt of heat without air conditioning.

All you need a wet floor and a wet towel

In earlier times, people would wet their floors with water to reduce the heat inside their homes. Wet floors allow the soaring temperatures so drop immediately. You can also try this at home and observe how quickly the heat inside your home turns cooler and cooler by the passing moment.

Another efficient way to beat the heat without using air conditioning is to use a wet towel. The idea is to hang a wet towel outside the open window of your house during the day or in the afternoon. This will immediately cool down your room and give you immense respite from the heat.

Tip: Be careful while turning your floors wet. Walk around the wet floors carefully to avoid slipping on the floors and breaking a couple of bones. Also, ensure that you do not keep the towel hanging outside your window for too long, as it will simply make your room more humid.

DIY air conditioner

 freeze a couple of water bottles in your freezerSorry to burst your bubble, but this one isn’t actually a step-by-step guide to DIY air conditioning. However, what comes next will let you heave a sigh of relief. The trick is to convert your standard pedestal fan into an air-conditioner.

The first step is to freeze a couple of water bottles in your freezer. Next, place these bottles in front of the fan. Then sit back in your chair or on your sofa, escape the scorching external heat and exhale cool air emanating from the fan beside you.

Tip: When the heat becomes unbearable, the best way to get as much cool air as possible is to freeze at least 5-6 bottles at once. Then, change the bottle in front of the fan every 3-4 hours.

Wear the right sleepwear to escape heat

Choose cotton sleepwear instead of satin or silk one, since cotton allows your skin more space to breathe. Moreover, cotton doesn’t stick to the skin – which means your body absorbs less heat and exudes lesser sweat.

Tip: You can also use cotton bed sheets and blankets. The best way to reduce the heat in your room at night is to lock up your blankets and bed sheets inside the refrigerator just some minutes before you plan to sleep. This way, when you take them out of the fridge and pull them on, you will immediately feel less heat.

Switch off the lights

Switch off the lights…when you don’t need them. Although only slightly, light bulbs usually lead to a rise in the internal temperature of the house. So, the best thing to do is switching off the lights in your house when you don’t need them. This will not only reduce the heat inside your house to some extent, but also save you a lot on your electricity or utility bills.

Tip: Install LED bulbs instead of the regular ones. LED bulbs last way longer than the normal ones – they can light up your room for more than 25,000 waking hours. LED bulbs are also way more cost-effective than the ones already in your house.

These unique ways to reduce heat in your house without being at the mercy of an air conditioner will surely help you relax in your house at your own terms, while burning no holes in your pocket. Try them and be happy even in the most heated moments of your life.

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