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Nature centre: Green portal to the forest of Hareskoven

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The Nature Center, a portal to the forest of Hareskoven in Copenhagen has recently been declared the winner in the 7th cycle in the world architecture community, and shortlisted for WAF2010 in the category Future Projects: Education. Designed by Danish architects EFFEKT, the visitors center has been planned to welcome over 1 million visitors that uses the forest annually into the lap of nature.

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Inspired by a series of hunting pathways created by a former king that disperse from two points in the forest, the star-shaped structure houses café, exhibition space, rental, learning and research facilities and a caretaker’s residence. The 1000 square meter large visitor centre is a sustainability concept that draws on the natural aspects of the forest. Designed to be off the grid, the building is powered by a local array of solar panels positioned at the edge of the forest. It uses the earth energy for heating purposes, while wastewater is purified in a local root zone bed. The clean water needs are fulfilled by a local well in the forest.

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The building consists of five regularly shaped wings that offer separate functions and panoramic views. The three-layer glass façade not only maximizes energy performance, but also transparency. In order to give the visitors the feeling of being surrounded by trees even inside the building, the architects have covered all inner walls with wood. The floor is carved out of the hill proving varied parapet along the facades.

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Via: ArchDaily