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In the remote area of Utah, set deep in the Western United States, has been the epicenter of the inception of a novel idea that will help to severely reduce the waste produced each year in the skiing industry. A company, going by the name of Soul Poles, based in Utah, has come up with the all new idea of manufacturing skiing poles, using natural bamboo poles, thus making ski-pole manufacturing cost effective and helping to prohibit the amount of waste produced.


Bryon Friedman was a professional skier for over 10 years, but he is currently the owner of the said company. When asked, he replied that the idea came from a desire to reduce the annual consumption of resources that are employed to manufacture these ski poles. The effectiveness of the idea may escape one’s sight at first, but think carefully and you will notice that bamboo is the fastest recyclable natural resource in the world. In addition to this, just think of all the metallic alloys that are being conserved and being used for better purposes, and you will realize that you have much to thank Friedman for. What’s more, is that in this case, there is no waste as all the materials that are not consumed in the manufacturing process, ends up being recycled, leaving one with virtually zero amount of waste.


The most important, rather the core ingredient itself is the bamboo. Bryon says that he had to take trips to as far as China in order to find the right material, as per his requirement. The kind that was needed was a bamboo type that was really light and strong at the same time, as well as being resistant to extreme colds and temperature change as well.

The ski poles are subjected to a process that involves sizing them as per the regulations, pulling the moisture out of it, rehydrating it for resilience, and finally adding the stamp of identity, which is their logo. Moreover, the grips and plastics used for the poles are all recycled, so as to mitigate the manufacturing cost as well as the amount of non-degradable materials used. Friedman plans to expand his business from skiing to a range of sport products that all employ the same idea of manufacturing using recyclable materials. Thus, get into the groove with this all new idea that plans to better the world and look good doing it!!

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