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Nea studio’s new solar lamps are a treat for art enthusiasts

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Nea studio, a company that is committed to making original design projects happen has complete the first prototype in its Living Lamp Series. This project aims to explore the perception of sunlight filtered through solar cells. This first prototype is being called the “Living Lamp 1” and is fashioned from local recycled corten steel. Made in Brooklyn NY, this art/solar lamp can be easily made in any geographic location, applied indoors or outdoors, assembled in various ways into screens, or blown up to inhabitable scale, all you need to do is adjust the tilt of the solar panel. Latitude Lamp 1, is the first working prototype in a series called Latitude Lamps.

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Designed around the material characteristics required by the specified amorphous thin-film solar panel as a starting point, the Living Lamp 1 features a solar panel, batteries, wires and LED lights. What’s really interesting about the project is the fact that the lamps can designed in three variations. First one includes with the solar panels facing south. The second one has solar panels’ angles changing according to geographic location, while the third will get the solar angle updated according to a specific town or city, which can be done by simply typing the name of the city on a keyboard. These lamps not only produce energy, but also adaptation to site, create dynamic light effects and efficiently use material and cost.

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