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Nepal ministers talk ‘climate change’ at Everest base

meeting at mount everest

The peak that has been a symbol of honor and pride for Nepal became a way of spreading environmental awareness. A cabinet meeting was conducted at the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, yesterday. The major highlight of the 20-minute meeting at Gorak Shep was the threat of global warming to the glaciers and mountains of the Himalayas.

The Everest declaration planned with military care was an initiative to spread a word about the negative impact of climate change on Mount Everest and other Himalayan mountains. The whole event started by carrying 24 ministers wearing thick jackets, woolen hats and even oxygen masks, in three helicopters to Lukla district near Everest, where they were made to stay till they became accustomed to the high altitude. After undergoing a series of medical fitness tests, the cabinet ascended to Syangboche, from where they flew to the snowy plateau next to the Everest base camp.

Via: Guardian/Mirror