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New Beginning: Now San Francisco Welcomes Conventions with Eco- Friendly Banners

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Global warming is an issue that concerns one and all. The use of plastic and other non bio degradable material is also one of the major factors that are increasing the whole global warming phenomenon. This extensive use has lead to many health related issues among humans. To combat the adverse effects of global warming on the planet as well as on the health of people all over the world, eco friendly things have been introduced. Whether it be paper bags, eco-friendly cars or organic food everything is now becoming eco-friendly to save our planet and its environment. San Francisco welcomes conventions with eco friendly banners. Not just conventions but now even street banners that are used for promoting different products, services or information have become eco- friendly in the city of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.


Choosing EkoFlex over PVC

Previously banners that were made from PVC were being used but now in the light of global warming, from March 2013 onwards, EkoFlex which is an eco friendly material is being used to create banners that are being installed in numerous locations around the city. EkoFlex is one fabric that can be used to make banners and after that purpose is served it can be used to make bags and various other reusable items. EkoFlex is a very durable and versatile fabric that is definitely the best alternative for PVC banners EkoFlex banners have stood the test of prolonged exposure to various weather conditions yet they stay intact this is another reason why this material is the preferred fabric for making banners. Scope of reuse is tremendous with a fabric like EkoFlex. Earlier PVC banners used to produce toxic materials all through their lifespan whether it was during manufacturing or use or even after they were disposed. EkoFlex produces no such toxins and the clean air and environment stay clean. This fabric also gets a second life unlike PVC, when it is used to make bags and totes that are free of toxins and have no ill effects on the user.

Moscone North

The Global Environmental Leader

San Francisco is a city that aims to be the global environmental leader and hence the San Francisco Travel Association began using these eco-friendly banners in the city. To show people that San Francisco welcomes conventions with eco friendly banners when the Moscone Center which is a convention center on the West Coast was awarded the official recognition by Leed Gold stating it was a green building in 2012, all the banners that were brought into use were strictly eco friendly. San Francisco is a city that requests buyers to bring paper or cloth bags from home so that the plastic bag ban movement can be 100 % effective. San Francisco has also made recycling and compositing mandatory for all individuals and organizations. One might wonder why San Francisco Travel Association is going to such extents to become greener and environment friendly. The answer is, simply because the Travel association wants to make San Francisco’s residents and its tourists healthy and enrich their stay in the city which can be achieved only through a healthier, cleaner and greener environment. Now when tourists visit San Francisco they will be able to breathe in the air that is a lot cleaner than most North American cities.

On Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th anniversary, the Parks Conservancy installed more than a 100 banners all over the city and it was planned that after the yearlong commemoration the banners would be used to create other items including bags and other objects that are reusable and entirely eco friendly. So now San Francisco welcomes conventions with eco friendly banners only.


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