New, Better, Cleaner, And More Affordable Energy Solutions Through Advanced Technologies 

Energy Solutions Through Advanced Technologies 

More politicians continue to enter the arena called renewable energy, pushing for this agenda, hoping to bring more of the public on board with them. As new and more exciting ways of offering energy efficiency surface, new energy efficient plans show overwhelming success and support of individuals in the public domain due to more appealing and affordable ways to obtain and replace outdated and expensive energy concepts.

Years ago, coal was the choice for energy, but as times evolved and technologies began to increase, researchers find that there are newer, better, and more affordable ways to obtain our power. Thus, individuals are slow-kicking coal to the curb, finding cleaner and more affordable ways to get energy.

The SUN DAY Research

Solar panel

One research group coined as the SUN DAY is wholly non-profit who continues to research new and better ways to obtain our sustainable energy such as through the sun and wind. Thus, windmills and solar panels are born for use in individual houses, complexes, and businesses.

SUN DAY research found that energy sources such as the wind and sun offer more production of energy than coal. When the notion of getting power from windmills or solar panels first came on the scene, the public found this to be much more expensive than just using coal or natural gas. Since some time has passed and more people are building solar panels and windmills, the prices are beginning to be much more affordable for people.

Coal is not a form of clean and sustainable energy. The big plus of turning to the use of sustainable energy is that it does not affect the environment and the air we breathe like coal does when it burns and releases in our environment. There is nothing that any researchers can do to make coal safer to the environment. Coal ran the race well, in its time, but can go no further and will soon die out of existence because of newer, better, and more affordable ways to obtain clean and renewable energy. Renewable energy solutions are quickly surpassing the use of coal.

More people are turning to cleaner ways to get energy, which looks as though the cleaner energy movement is forging ahead of the coal and gas industry even though natural gas is considered a cleaner burning fossil fuel.

People Turn To Alternative Sources of Energy

wind energy concept

People are turning to the sun’s energy through solar, energy from the wind through the construction of more windmills, and obtaining energy through the recycling of water and steam. There is still work to be done to bring renewable energy up to meet the power offered by coal and natural gas, and this may take several more years, looking forward into the 2050s, to bring renewable energy up to surpass its competitors such as coal and natural gas. Even this far in the future, many in the 2020s consider coal as an obsolete energy concept that has outlived its usefulness.

As more research continues on renewable energy solutions, people are going to see a steady decline in cost, meaning that renewable energy is becoming much more affordable.  Individuals need to research what type of renewable energy fits their lifestyle and need and realize that there are new energy options available now for them in the 2020s.

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