New Green Buildings Trends to watch out for in 2017


The Go Green concept is not just hitting homes, with people are also taking an active interest in the environment. Now the market demands have pushed, even construction companies and builders cater to the consumer demands of Green buildings.

Green Home

If you take a look at the future of the construction industry, you will find that soon Green buildings will be ruling the market. Driving forces such as environmental regulations and market demand are pushing construction companies to turn to the Go Green concept. Allied Market Research Company’s recent Market Research analysis clearly indicates that the market of global green buildings is at a rise with an 11.9% annual growth.

When we take a deeper look at the breakup of the annual growth percentage, one third of the overall market revenue generated by the material markets of exterior products. This clearly indicates that the Go Green and Green building concept is expanding, growing and booming every year. In comparison to the 2016 analysis, the 2017 analysis shows a bigger scope and growth in Green buildings.  Let us take a look at what twists 2017 has to offer.

Positive Net and Zero Net buildings

Before stepping into the present analysis and recent updates on this front, a glance at the previous year will help in providing a good start. If you talk about energy efficiency of buildings, Positive Net building plays a vital role. This is because these buildings are self-energy producing buildings and make up for their own consumption. If there is anything in excess, they not only send it back to its original source, however, they use it for other reasons as well.

Venturing into 2017, Positive Net buildings have a potential for growth. It has golden standards when we talk about the conservation of the environment and natural resources. Taking the lead, the most famous trend in green buildings is Zero Net Energy buildings. The concept of these buildings is very simple. The building fulfill all it’s energy needs. It is self dependent.

One such city that has already started working towards the front of Zero Net Buildings is California. The Californian Goal is not only a trendsetter but in fact a leader on its own. With an aim to be known as the Golden state, it is taking the lead to ensure that all the upcoming buildings are designed keeping in mind the Zero Net concept.

The new heights of Solar Energy


Another trend that you can be sure about in 2017 is the new heights of Solar Energy.  Although this concept is not new, however, what makes it hit headlines is the fact that by 2020, most of the building roofing will be equipped with solar panels. This means that in a span of just three years, i.e. 2017 – 2020, that the market for exterior products used for solar energy is going to grow by 13.5% annual.

Even big names like Solar City and Tesla have a lot of plans in store, which will take the market to a different level. For example, the solar panels that Tesla will manufacture will not be obtrusive and bulky. The glass tiles that they plan to use will fit into any roof seamlessly and produce the right amount of energy needed not just for the every home, but the entire building and its campus.

One of the main reasons why we will get to see a massive growth in the solar energy market is due to the reduction of the costs incurred for solar panel installation. Reports even suggest, that the employment opportunities on this front is said to grow even more due to the growth of the market.

The industry will not only boom, however, it will have a sustainable growth in the coming years. If you take a look at the employment numbers for solar workers in 2016, it had grown to 260,077. When the numbers between 2015 and 2016 were compared, it showed that the growth was up by 25% with almost 51,000 workers being employed in the solar energy industry. This itself is another clear indication of the potentiality and growth that the market has to offer.

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