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New Portable Solar Charger designed for outdoor use

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After being in news for a solar charging tote made from recycled plastic, Concord Keystone is back to make waves with the new of its upcoming portable solar panel chargers. The Concord Portable Solar Panel Chargers will hit the market in two styles – Flat Panel and Foldable Wallet Styles. The foldable one rolls up and is secured with a snap closure. In addition, both styles are available in 4.5 Volt, 300 mA and 5.0 Volt, 600 mA capacities, and use a standard USB port for connectivity.

The Florida-based company has specially designed these innovative chargers for outdoor conditions. They are ideal for vacations, camping trips, sports events and other outdoor activities. The charger powers your batteries or devices by simply juicing up sun’s energy. The Solar panels are made from unique polymers and are UV-resistant to protect the solar cell. They can be used in multiple climate conditions, as they are temperature resistant. These lightweight, flexible and ultra thin chargers are also shadow resistant. Just expose the panels to sunlight and connect one of the assorted USB cables to the portable panel charger and one end to a small electronic device to power up your gadgets. The larger charger can recharge 2 AA batteries within approximately 4 hours in direct sun.

Via: ImagingResource