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New York students learn how to grow vegetables without the use of soil


The Eco Soldier:

Well, first of all, technological advances are not limited to just some areas. Even agriculture is benefiting in a big way. Josh Hazelton, a science teacher at Belfast Central School, has updated the knowledge of his students by teaching them how to grow plants without soil. Interesting? Certainly, it’s mind baffling as well. With the aid of $25,000, he has been able to build a greenhouse dome, underneath which he is able to grow plants with and without soil. How he does this is by using Aquaponics, a term describing the use of fish and their waste to grow lettuce.

The Arena:

You can find this amazing technique being used in Belfast Central school, New York.

The Eco Effort:

Dedication can bring forth amazing results sometimes. The fact has been reinforced by Josh Hazelton who has lead his students to grow plants in soil and lettuce without the use of soil. After being unable to get the required amount of money, he still did not give up. Gearing up for the impossible, he trudged forward still, keeping the hope of a grant alive in his heart.

Having made numerous attempts, he was finally able to convince the authorities to give him a grant of $25,000. The money was further used by him and his students to make a greenhouse dome in the school premises and fixing it up on solar energy.

On the first level, he teaches his students on how to grow plants with soil, while on the second level, lettuce by the help of Aquaponics. The vegetables grown give the students a sense of oneness, having grown their own food and getting to eat it too.

The Impact:

The major impact would not only be on the students who are getting to eat fresh vegetables on a daily basis, but for the school as well. The school, being located in a poor locality, is not exactly well off. Due to this, providing a square meal to every student present becomes a task sometimes. Having said this, Josh’s idea was welcomed with open arms as he was about to teach the children the benefits of growing fresh vegetables, and how to tend their own gardens while providing a supply of fresh vegetables to the school cafeteria.

The children rigged up their greenhouse with solar energy in order to save on the electricity costs. The fresh lettuce available to the students everyday, along with the oneness they feel in growing their own food makes things really great for everyone around. It’s a win-win situation for everyone present; may it be the school, Josh or the students.