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Nissan’s electric-powered tiny tilter inches toward production

nissan land glider

Launched at the Tokyo Motor Show last year, the Land Glider concept car is now, by degrees, moving toward mass production. With more specs revealed this time, Nissan makes sure that the electric car supplied with Lithium batteries does its share in promoting clean transportation. The two-seater vehicle is half the width of a family car to scoot through the busy streets with maximum ease.

nissan land glider 2

The glider-like cabin leans to one side as the car hits the maximum speed of 63 mph. A special crash avoidance system detects vehicles coming close to it and accordingly, a computer adjusts required leaning so that it does not fall over. Complementary to the sleek exteriors are the chic interiors to maximize user’s comfort and delight. The four-wheeler has no place for rearview mirrors since cameras and monitors watch over the safety controls.

nissan land glider 3

nissan land glider 4

Via: DailyMail