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Nokia Oyj unveils a bicycle-powered phone charger

bicycle powered phone charger

Nokia Oyj on Thursday unveiled a bicycle-powered phone charger designed for emerging markets in developing countries, where electricity is often inadequate and unreliable. Comprising of a charger, a dynamo and a holder to fix the charger to the bike, the entire charge kit charges your phone as you ride. To make the charger functional all you have to do is hit the road, once the bike touches the speed of 6km/hr your phone with start to juice up.

Hitting the 50 kilometers per hour mark stops the charger, while the speed of 25 kilometers per hour is suitable to obtain maximum output. It is anticipated that the kit will be available in blackout-plagued India by the end of the year and will set you back by nearly Rs850 (US$18.25). For entrepreneurial bikers in developing nations, this new bike-powered phone charger could prove to be a sustainable micro-business.

Via: TheCityFix