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Nokia’s new patent hints at self-charging mobile phones

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Let’s hope to see the beginning of the next generation of renewable energy cell phones with the new patent filed by Nokia. The company seems to be quite serious about taking piezoelectric charging for cellphones. Under patent application 20,100,045,241, Nokia has filed a patent for a cellphone that will juice up using the kinetic energy produced by the movement of the user. Now you don’t need to worry about running out of juice while you are on the go.

It is stated in the patent that the electronic device will incorporate a battery that resides a first frame that is coupled to a second frame by one or more piezoelectric elements, while the second frame is coupled to a device chassis by one or more additional piezoelectric elements. In response to translation and/or rotation of the electronic device, portions of forces induced by the battery mass are transferred to the piezoelectric elements. The power controller receives the electrical energy produced by the piezoelectric elements and this energy can be applied to the battery. In order to increase the total mass that induces forces applied to the piezoelectric elements, extra device components can also be added within the first frame.

A patent like this could be a perfect solution for those living in developing nations with limited access to electricity. It would help in reducing the amount of energy consumed to charge cellphones from an outlet, resulting in reduced electricity bills and environmental effects. Using kinetic energy to juice up your gadget that has become a necessity today sounds exciting.

Via: Treehugger