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North Marston School receives Eco Schools Green Flag

[box_dark]North Marston School Earned A Green Campaign Flag[/box_dark]

Students at “North Marston School” have been acknowledged for their eco-friendly approach. Moreover, pupils were rewarded with an Eco-Schools Green Flag during first half of October. Having a Green Flag is like an honour that is among the most reputed Eco-Schools award. This further highlights outstanding and remarkable environmental performance of “North Marston School”. North Marston pupils are giving green light for more than 2 years, which is a commendable approach for saving energy and trimming down wastes. On October 5th, “Chairman of Bucks County Council”, Marion Clayton made this ecological effort of North Marston Students a worthwhile attempt by presenting Eco-Schools Green Flag.


[box_dark]Facts Lined Up With North Marston School Environmental Performance [/box_dark]

An Eco team of students led by Abbie Lucas together with Oliver Mordue were working on activities with staff member, fellow students and sustainability team of “Bucks County Council” to improve environmental quality of school. This eco team has minimized the use of nourished fruits, vegetable desecrates and lunch boxes to reduce wastes. In addition to this, North Marston students turned-off lights and regulated heating equipments to cut back energy-consumption.

After such a laudable approach, pupils have reduced electricity expenses by 21% through their switch-on to switch-off campaign. Catherine Gouldstone, a head teacher said that every individual in school is moving a step ahead to improve environment. Best part is that children are actively involved in this activity and coming up with very exciting ideas. Right now, majority of schools in Buckinghamshire are coping up with this programme. “North Marston School” is ranked at 26th in the queue of schools receiving top accreditation of Green Flag.


[box_dark]Green Campaign Flag Took Away North Marston Students’ Ecological Effort To Next Level[/box_dark]

According to a statement given to media persons, Marion Clayton is delighted to present this award to North Marston students. It is very imperative to egg on students at an early stage and endorse them to think upon environmental awareness. Moreover, students must work hard and adopt decisive ways of protecting environment from adverse effect of unhealthy living habits. To make an allowance for this, North Marston students endeavour to bring in thriving upshots with their ecological approach. Staff members are proud to get this flag from such an honourable person that not only highlight their dynamic attempt for protecting environment but also boast their concern for surrounding. This ecological effort is a brilliant way of involving myriad people cognisant for green and healthy living.


[box_dark] North Marston School Forthcoming Plans [/box_dark]

Leading purpose of North Marston School authority is to provide best possible and effective learning, which is not only theoretical but also ethical. Staff members and pupils make every valuable effort for stimulating and protecting environment to set a standard for other schools in close proximity. This is the foremost cause why Marion Clayton appreciated and valued pupils and school authorities. To come up with an initiative that can engender students on the way to ecological effort, school authorities appointed a team and asked them to forge ahead under the supervision of leaders. This is only an approach to make students get motivated and face challenges of life so that they can easily accomplish their goal with full potential.

To nurture the value and ethnic diversity of local community for creating a positive impact of every single activity on environment, staff members continue to guide and induce their students. Each year, members of school council are elected radically who go together with teacher to lay emphasis on school environment that is affected by detrimental habits. Eco-School council leads students towards ecological attempt and it is because of their significant contribution that school has turned out to be a proud owner of “Green Campaign Flag”.