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Now get the garden indoors

Tiny Garden

A garden is a great way to interact with nature and the greenery that comes with it is quite soothing. People invest a lot of money to make these outdoor spaces glow with a mesmerizing aura. But, there are a few who would like to keep these spaces indoors to enjoy natures bounty all day long. Confused? Read ahead; Another Studio for Design, situated in London, has designed a tiny garden named Matchcarden which will fulfill, at a small level, the desire of all those who wish to have an indoor garden.

The Matchcarden comprises of a cute looking house that is accompanied by a little garden in the front. The whole setup has been crafted out of matchstick boxes that otherwise are thrown away. The end result is an eco-friendly design, which is quite eye-catching and impressive. The boxed-craft comes filled with all the materials needed for cultivation. Simply, open the small package and start growing and watering your favorite plants. See the seeds sprout in a matter of three days which will last for a good three weeks.

Tiny Garden

The Matchcarden collection comes with two themes namely, The City Street and The English Village. Bring home the garden and you have a variety of option to attune it with your interior decor. Give the house a special touch with weather vanes, rooftops, chimneys and street lamps. Simply place it near the window or on the desk and give a different shade to your living room. Matchcarden will also prove to be a great gifting option.

Tiny Garden

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