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Now print your clothes with a printer!

by DrPrem Jagyasi

With massive urbanization, anything that one requires is now being delivered at home. Be it books or fancy cars, everything is getting customized according to individuals’ needs. Huge outlets selling articles are not only crowding cities, but they also account for waste of our resources. The clothing sector remains in the hands of producers, shippers, wholesalers and retailers before it finally reaches the customers. With the rise in population, the necessity of land also keeps on increasing day by day. In small apartments, home appliances and furniture mostly cover the spaces. The living area is thus reduced, thereby leading to cuddled unhealthy space. However, there happens to exist a solution – Clothing Printers. The idea is to bring the clothing production unit into action.


This Clothing printer was designed to feature at the semi finals of the annual Electrolux design competition in 2010. It conceptualizes and creates a new home of the future where the clothes can be produced at home like pancakes. This design will eliminate all needs of clothing storage and cleaning. The words Washing machine and dryers will eventually wipe away from the future generations’ vocabulary.

Due to increasing atomization, there has been an outward behavior towards creating an easier way of obtaining things in life. This design totally revamps the clothing production, thereby clearing out the inefficient and extremely wasteful things. This Clothing Printer utilizes 3D printing for offering a genial dailyware to homemakers. Now when the Clothing printer has been commercialized for personal use, one can produce clothes daily according to ones need. The idea is to reduce the involvement of mediators in the clothing industry and making each individual self reliant. Anyway, since you always want to don yourself in different clothes with different prints, it’s unnecessary to spend huge money on it.