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Now, Samsung Galaxy S4 is environmentally friendly too

by DrPrem Jagyasi

After the immense success of Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung has come up with new Samsung Galaxy S4 as the latest Android phone in Galaxy S series. And this time, the new phone is environment friendly. Yes, you read it right. Now, Samsung Salaxy S4 is environment friendly too. Samsung Galaxy S4 along with all the bundled accessories has successfully passed the TCO certification. TCO certification is the certification for being an environment friendly product. So this means that now your Samsung Galaxy S4 is healthy device to use when we talk in reference with environment.


What is more important is the fact that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is the first smart phone which got this certificate.



Samsung Galaxy S4 has qualified the environment friendly certificate by an independent Swedish company TCO Development, which has issued such certificates to devices that are friendly to environment for the last 20 years. TCO, most commonly has awarded such certificates to other electronic devices such as computer monitors. It has its main focus on the sustainability of various IT devices.

In their test, the officials at TCO found that the design of Samsung Galaxy S4 was sustainable and was made according to the demands of sustainable mobile product in the market. In fact it had all those features which are required in a smart phone to make it eligible for the prestigious TCO certification.

It must be noted here that in order to be declared as ‘environment friendly’, a smart phone have to qualify a range of criteria such as economic, social and environmental feasibility.


For the social criteria, Samsung confirmed that it is dedicated to socially answerable mobile production company and is in accordance with United Nation standards and the standards of International Labour Organization.

For the environmental friendly criteria, it was discovered that the Samsung GALAXY S4 was not made of any harmful elements for example nickel, beryllium, and mercury which, if existed in a smart phone, would have limited its possibility to be recycled to a greater extent at the time when the life of the smart phone was about to get over.

As far as the economic feasibility of the smart phone was concerned, the electricity effectiveness of the charger was admired along with the manufacturing design of the smart phone which in fact, enhances the reliability of the smart phone.