Nuts and Bolts Chess Set Turns Trash to Your Treasure

To keep our environment cleaner and greener, it is important that everybody make efforts at their levels. While many of us give our trash for recycling, we also need to know the ways to reuse our waste stuff. Several items can be reused easily if we get some more creative with them. In fact, many people and firms have been working on such innovative ideas and turning their trash into treasures. Here is one such product called the Nuts and Bolts Chess Set, which is an attempt to be unique and eco-friendly.

Nuts and Bolts Chess Set design

This chess set is designed using metallic nuts and bolts thatusually go wasted after a few good pieces get used. The product is created beautifully using silvery and golden nuts and bolts from Ace Hardware. There is the use of unused nuts and bolts in varied sizes, ranging from 1 to 3 inches. The hardware is all used to design the pegs present in the game of chess.The shape of these pegs is just likethat of pegs in any other chess set.In addition, its chessboard is made by reusing other trashed items. You can find the use of a tile of 12×12 inches, as well as a glass mosaic of high quality. The mosaic is well positioned on the base tile. The entire design is made to look industrial.

Appearance and usefulness

Nuts and Bolts Chess Set  (1)

The Nuts and Bolts Chess Set has tough and sturdy looks and feel. It is quite durable so you will not have to keep replacing your chess set frequently. In fact, this green chess set can add to your handcraft collection. It appears smooth, stylish, and elegant. Its appearance is so classy and royal that it can easily impress your friends and guests who may come to play chess with you. The set is a beauty that can give you the real pleasure of gaming. Another advantage is that you can have it made to order, according to your preferences and needs.

A green attempt

When you look at the overall design and development of this product, you will nowhere find the use of environment-damaging materials or operations. It is all made by assembling and fixing of waste nuts and bolts in a manual way.

The Nuts and Bolts Chess Set is a handmade set for those who love the game, as well as care for their environment. This eco-friendly chess set can be an amazing treasure for you.

Source : Makezine.Com

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