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O’Donnell Garden: When beauty balances nature and sustainability

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What formally was the demolition of the cellars of the Madrid Regional Service of Health´s Old Building is now a mesmerizing lush green garden accomplished using minimum possible elements and a very low cost. Designed by Estudio Caballero Colon architects, the garden fights the deterioration of our natural environment by maximizing the use of recycled materials. Located on O´Donnell Street, Spain, it sports a very unique design that appears somewhat like an enlarged graffiti formed by the plantation area, concrete paths and drainage.

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The plants like lavandula angustifolia, salvia officinalis, callistemon viminalis and festuca that are known for their low water consumption and capacity to withstand harsh weather and urban contamination beautify the site. The paths where visitors can walk and enjoy fresh air and splendor are made from crushed recycled concrete. The resin and recycled glass combination produces unexpected brightness and iridescence under the sunlight, adding to the aesthetics. The crushed material of demolished roads is used to make the dark gravel for drainage between the paths and plantation areas.

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Via: ArchDaily