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Odyssey: Recycled beer bottle lamp dedicated to 9/11sufferers

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Every third object used in any industry or household is made up of glass. So, quite obviously, enough of disposed glass bottles and jars, used broken glassware are thrown into the landfills. Glass is a substance that never wears out and can be recycled forever. Other than saving raw materials, a great deal of energy is also preserved with the use of recycled glass. It can be used in many ways to create glass ware items, jewellery or lamps. Ismael Quintero of IQ Environments has also created a beautiful lamp made out of recycled bear bottle glass.

Ismael Quintero got inspired to build this elegant lamp from a fire hydrant lid that he found on Wall Street after the September 11th tragedy. This light texture called as the Odyssey Suspension Lamp was originally a ceramic porcelain that he created as a part of his thesis at Parson’s School of Design. This design was refashioned out of recycled green beer bottle glass to show his environmental concern. His art piece was displayed at NY Design Week’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair.

Green glass was chosen as he thinks that green is a very soothing and healing color. He has dedicated this elegant piece of art to the sufferers of 9/11 attack and some part of the benefit that he gets of his creation, will be presented to the 9/11 museum. There is an inscription on the lamp which says “Nostri Lumen Est Una” that means “our light is one”, depicting that the designer wants every individual to be united to face the consequences of the catastrophic 9/11 attacks.

Via: Inhabitat