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Ohio woman pledges to save Amazon with Rain Tees

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We will see people across the world doing their bit for the environment to celebrate the spirit of Earth Day today. Be it recycling thing, organizing green events, turning to green lifestyle or planting trees. Here is an Ohio woman with her green efforts to contribute in preserving the planet. Beth Doane, who is passionate about saving trees, sends her message across with her unique range of T-shirts. The tees are made from organic cotton from Peru and uses water- and soy-based dyes.

The 26-year-old Doane owns a company named after an endangered tree from the Amazon called Andira. Each eco-friendly tee from Rain Tees has an interesting story to tell. The tees display prints of pictures drawn by little kids of South America. She asks children to draw pictures that show environmental issues and the ones that are chosen are printed on the T-Shirts. Every child whose designs are selected for the Rain Tees line will be sponsored to go to school.

Beth’s Tees have started gaining popularity amongst celebs. They have also been featured in national and fashion magazines. A portion of the sale of each tee goes toward planting a tree in Costa Rica by a child. Beth very proudly claims that her tees have helped in planting as many as 4,000 trees so far. These green T-shirts are priced between $32 to $38. Nearly $1 to $5 from each purchase is used to buy a tree for the Amazon forest.

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