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Old Nail polish craft ideas to add some color to the boring spaces of your house

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Repurposing things is the new trend and that includes nail polish too. You might be having many bottles of nail polish, which you never use, as you’re bored of the shade. Instead of keeping them till they dry up and then throwing them out, use these unused colors to add a splash of color to your home. You can decorate many things with old nail colors, create new crafts using them, plus it’s really good fun! Check out some great ideas to reuse your old nail polish colors and bottles:

Marbled mugs

Marbled mugs

Add a pop of color to your kitchen with these fantastic marbled mugs. You can gift these colourful mugs to friends and family, as they are quite unique and what’s better than gifting something which you crafted with your own hands. Just paint dark colored mugs with light shades and mix up the colors to give the marbled effect, and do the same for white mugs, on which you can use any color. 

Glittery fridge magnets

Paint some circle or oval shaped magnets, or any kind of magnet you want with nail polish to add some beautiful multicoloured hues to your fridge.

Marbled eggs

Make a mixture of nail polish colors and dip Easter eggs in this nail polish paint mixture. Place your lovely, colourful Easter eggs in a basket to brighten up your room. 

Revamp old necklaces, earrings and bracelets

Revamp a faded necklace with a nail color of your choice to make it completely new again. Wonderful idea to create a matching necklace for a new outfit, and if you have a few old necklaces, you can transform all of them into single color or multi-colored necklaces. You can use nail polish on earrings and bracelets as well, to give them a new, bright and different color.

Hang them from a jewelry hanger to brighten up that space.

Marbled planters


To make lovely marbled planters, you have to fill a disposable container with water (room temperature). Pour your nail polish colors gently into the water and stir. See that the nail polish does not sink. When you stir, you will make a design in the water-nail polish mix. Submerge a white plastic planter in this mix and take it out, and repeat if you see any gaps. Use a nail polish remover to remove the color if it doesn’t come out right the first time. You have to be quick while doing this craft, as the nail polish might harden. Spray a finishing spray to add the perfect finish. Let the pot dry for about 30 minutes and then plant a plant of your choice.

Color coding keys

Color the top part of your keys to color code them – a useful and fun idea to organize your keys.

Flower vases

Empty nail polish bottles of different shapes and sizes make wonderful flower vases. Clean the bottles thoroughly and paint the exterior with leftover nail polish colors to create lovely little flowerbud vases you can decorate your home with. 

Greeting cards

Nail polish can be used on ordinary, craft and glossy paper to make personalized greeting cards. You can make any design or pattern you want using any color/s you want.

Marbled tile painting

If you have any leftover tiles, or even a single tile, you can paint them with nail polish to create a beautiful painting you can stick on any wall or board.

Colorful phone cover

Personalize your phone cover with old nail polish. Paint lovely polka dots or any other design to instantly spot your cover anywhere.

Spring flowers

Use your green and pastel shades to make a spring flower decoration with nail polish and wire. Bend the wire to leaf and petal shapes and glue some paper onto the wire to fill the gaps. Paint the wires and the paper to create a beautiful, delicate bunch of imitation spring flowers.

Nail polish art from old nail polish colors and bottles is a really inexpensive and wonderful way to add some color to the boring spaces of your home. You can color almost anything with nail polish so be inspired by these ideas to color old and faded things to make them look like new again.

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