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One Of The Biggest Medieval Graveyards Uncovered

Numbered 1,300, the largest discovery of medieval skeletons is made outside London. And the University of Leicester archaeologists are beginning work on examining them. Demolished in 1573 and recently rediscovered, the burials are from the graveyard of the lost church of St Peter’s. The credit goes to a team from University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS). They were working at the site of a former swimming pool- St Margaret’s Baths. It is being redeveloped as part of a £350m Shires shopping centre expansion.

Richard Buckley, Director of ULAS, said the discovery had surpassed his expectations and would provide new insights into medieval life in Leicester. ‘Until now we have relied on evidence from medieval rubbish – including food remains, pottery and other finds – to build up a picture of medieval life in the city. This group of burials represents the first opportunity to examine the medieval population itself, in terms of life expectancy, stature and health.’
‘Evidence of some communal burials and high infant mortality also indicate evidence of infection and disease’, he further informed.

Via: Science Daily