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One & Ortakoy by GAD blends seamlessly with surrounding topography

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Global Architectural Development (GAD) is on its way to constructing a mixed-use complex that is a reflection of technology, sustainability and aesthetics. Dubbed the “One & Ortakoy,” the project is under construction in the Istanbul neighborhood of Ortakoy. The developers have planned two buildings, out of which one will be used for residential purposes, while the second is reserved for commercial use. Positioned right next to enchanting hillside location, the project is being seen as a major step toward modernization of the area.

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A sequence of experimental strategies inspired by contextual elements has been used for the development of the project’s overall structure and organization. The architects aim to build recreational playgrounds on the roofs of both the buildings. These beautiful green roofs will not only blend the structures with the existing topography, but will also benefit the environment. Both the buildings will have a natural stone façade, offering a soft skin blending with the natural hillside setting.

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