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Opt for Sustainable Paints to Ensure A Better Future

With advancing time more and more emphasis is being provided on the concept ofusing green technology or so called Eco friendly technology in every field of work. More and more companies are becoming aware of the adverse effects that their products are causing on the environment and hence are seeking new reforms to reverse the effects. The awareness has grown to such an extent that even paint companies  like Intelligent Interiors have started to incorporte this technology to design their products.



Current Scenario:


Day by day more and more companies are starting to realize the importance of sustainable paint regarding painting the interiors of offices and homes with eco friendly paints. This is because the ingredients which constitute the paints have many adverse effects on the environment. Moreover they also emit a very unpleasant odor. However these paints can be made by bio degradable natural items which can be recycled many times. Till now the companies used to keep the components a secret but recently they have started to divulge their names as they feel it’s their moral duty to do so. The idea of using recycled paint was first conceived by Kelly Moore almost about fifteen years ago.

General Information about Paints:


Some paints are made of some bio products while others are made completely from the items that nature has to offer. The colorants that are used in making the paints are the main factors that contribute VOC’s however some companies are now striving to use tint paints which does not contain these VOC’s. The paints also contain protein from vegetables which acts as binders. The advantage of using these is that they possess no foul odor and hence does not pollute the environment. The paints are given their respective colors by using pigments from minerals like ultramarines, sienna, spinels, ochers and umbers. These pigments can be found on the land, gemstones and on rocks.

These new eco friendly paints generally last longer than old ones and also have many properties. Like anti microbial, resistant to burnishing, scrubbing and staining, low VOC content. The pigments used are also very durable and last longer.




These paints serve as a provider of a new future. They will be used more and more in the future and will gradually replace the old paints. By applying these paints to decorate your interiors you can also contribute to the betterment of our environment. So you opt for these paints without delay.


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