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Orbits ceiling lamp promotes recycling

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‘Going green’ is the trendiest thing to do today. With the rise in pollution, population, greenhouse gases, and global warming, each one of us have a responsibility toward our mother earth. Our ecosystem can be improved in a number of ways. Out of those vast number of ways, one effective solution is recycling. Recycling is a method of saving energy. It is a process of converting used materials into new products in order to reduce wastage of useful materials.

Orbits ceiling lamp is an awesome example of a recycled product. If you are in an impression that recycled products are dull and uninteresting, you should have a look at this lamp. It is a pleasurable experience to see such a pretty chandelier made out of discarded French oak wine barrels.

This chandelier has been artistically made by joining metal hoops of wine barrels. In order to give a stylish effect to the ceiling lamp, its bands have been made of galvanized steel. Its diameter is 26 inches and weighs around 45 lb.

Such a terrific thing of beauty can go well with any kind of interiors, adding style and elegance. Moreover, the designers of this lamp feel proud to have created such an exceptional recycled piece, which also helped them to contribute toward the environment cause.

It is an effort that should be appreciated and whoever buys the product will surely be the proud owner of a wonderful chandelier as well as a responsible person to promote eco-conservation.

Via: materialicious