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Organic eco friendly clothing materials taking over the ramp walk

by DrPrem Jagyasi
Organic eco friendly clothing

The world of fashion can really hit headlines so fast as though it is setting the stage on fire. This is one industry that has a change going on every day which can leave you thinking – What’s next? Every year, we not only get to know about different styles and designs that make a walk on the ramp but we also get to know the various steps and measures that the industry is taking.

One of the biggest initiatives the fashion industry is taking is to come up with materials, which are eco-friendly in nature. These trends are raising the bar in the fashion industry, and they are also showing us a new way of how we can be stylish and fashionable while protecting our environment. Here are some of the ecofriendly materials that fashion lovers can think of when they want to make a fashion statement and care for the environment at the same time.

Organic Cotton fabric

Organic Cotton fabric

The Organic Textile Company has come up with the Organic Cotton fabric material. The cotton that is used is free from pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals. In comparison to the traditional cotton; the water consumption of this material during the production phase is a less. Along with that, this fabric is comfortable and soft and protects your body from absorbing chemicals.

Coffee grind fabric

Coffee lovers will surely want to grab their hands on clothing made from Coffee grind fabrics. S.Cafe, the company that is behind this concept has given four years of hard work and a lot of R&D. With the help of the green technology, the company has created fabrics which are ecofriendly and sustainable. For the production of the material, coffee brides are used. This material is perfect for people like athletes who are very active. This is because this material has a special feature that blocks odors. S.Cafe has partnered with companies like 7-11 and Starbucks and it collects the left over coffee grounds for their fabric production.

Food Scraps fabric


Well it looks like finally, food scraps can now come in handy. Pinatex is the brain behind this concept, this Philippine based company uses anything from coffee, pineapples and other such food scraps to come up with an eco friendly fabric. The waste plan materials like the leaves of the pineapple are one such collection that the company has launched. It  is called as Ananas Anam. This leather based collection offers you various kinds of backpacks, handbags, accessories, clothes and even shoes. Apart from the ecofriendly responsibility, the company also has a social cause. It provides local farmers with jobs that prove to be a good income source for them.

Recycled Cotton Clothes fabric

Evrnu is a company that has a fashion line, which is made from recycled cotton. The innovative technology used for the production of the new line helps in reducing cotton fabric waste, which is reusable, and ecofriendly. During the production of the material, they not only reduce the CO2emissions by 90% but also use less water. This company is not only focusing on creating fabrics or fashion trend, which is stylish, but also keeping in mind their environmental responsibility of ensuring that fabric wastes are used efficiently.

Plastic Bottles fabric

Plastic Bottles fabric

We have heard of the multiple ways through which plastic can be recycled and reused, but now this takes plastic recycling to a very different level. Thread International has come up with a new concept, which recycles plastic bottles into a sustainable and ecofriendly fabric material. Before that material is produced, the plastic is broken down, cleaned properly, and then converted to polyester. Along with that, the locals of Haiti also have the benefit of availing various income opportunities by working for the company. Truly a company which is not just concerned about the environment but also want to make a positive change in society by helping the underprivileged.


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