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Organic interiors to dress up your home or office in style

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The environmentally friendly generally tend to show their preference for nature not just with words, but also with changes to their lifestyle and habits. The home and office also fall into these categories, after all, you can’t really be eco-friendly if your home and office are brimming with chemicals and put a gigantic carbon footprint. Organic interiors are the trend these days, and are expanding in terms of popularity. Stone floorings, boulder tubs, room dividers and many other such products can be made using organic eco-friendly raw materials.  Some of their usages are mentioned below:


Decorative wood branch accents 

Customized decorative elements these days are made for homes and offices. They include the inspiration of wooden branch look, which can be used for doors, windows or screens. Introduced by ArtSigns Interiors, it looks like natural wood and can be molded into shapes of branches, thus adding a lovely forest look to the room. You will never want the need of going on a mini-vacation to the nearby forest resort, if you find it amidst the four walls of your house.


Digitally printed carpets 

Digitally printed carpets can offer a world of options and variety. Carpets that look like grass or that have digitally imprinted look of the forest or corals or sea sand? Egecarpets has introduced this concept of nature-inspired digitally printed carpets that look like wood slices, stones or wood floorings. These can be used to give a lovely forest or garden look to your room. 


Incorporating stones and branches 

Does natural mean stones and rock walls for you? Then this concept will surely match your taste. Laurie Owens has introduced this concept. It’s about merging natural elements with your interiors. These include chandeliers made of shells, sinks made of stones, ceilings that are conceptualized with branches, furniture using organic materials and textiles and so on.

This is a innovative way of merging the natural with contemporary.


Nautilus shell home 

The Nautilus is a concept by Javier Senosiain. It basically is a concept of homes that look like shells along with interiors that completely comprise of greenery. It is made of walls that are round, and windows made of glass mosaic with customized colors and using natural plants that match the whole look. It is per se a comfortable concrete-modern yet natural cave.

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Have a carpet of moss for the center of your room. They are made of plant based fibers that give a look like grass patches. It is eco-friendly degradable system conceptualized by Makoto Azuma and called the Terramac. They also comprise of seeds and soil or mud that need to be kept moist.


Organic interior concepts are popularly used these days. Contribute your bit to the nature by adding these to your house.