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Osso Chair: Carved using solar power and fashioned in an elegant manner

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A lot of designers are making an effort to carve eco-friendly things. Be it decorative items, furniture, clothes, shoes, etc. everything has been given a touch of the ‘Go Green’ slogan. Well all we see is the final product, but what has gone in its making in terms of energy consumed to give it this shape is totally ignored. A product should be tagged 100% eco-friendly only if the manufacturing part passes the environment friendly test as well.

French brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have designed a chair named Osso which is green in every sense. The chair has been specially designed for the family-run Italian manufacturer Mattiazzi. Osso has be fashioned out of wood and given an eye-appealing facade with bold cuts by using CNC-milling equipment which is solar powered.

The whole chair has been assembled using minimum hardware, which means a step towards befriending our beautiful environment. The whole design looks like conjoint twins with tasteful cuts that have been put together in a very clean manner. The designer brothers have made good use of the CNC technology to craft complicated shapes which otherwise can prove to be quite a tedious task. The chair comes with connectors that fit perfectly like a maze and look quite alluring as well as elegant.

Place it in any corner and it is bound to attract attention. CNC milling is quite an excellent tool as it permits designers to experiment in terms of designing which can range from simple to very complex.

Osso with all the environment features attached, right from the raw material till manufacturing is quite a steal. So, if you want a chair with an artistic streak then Osso will definitely not leave you disappointed.

Via: fastcodesign