Out-of-the-box room dividers

Creative and innovative ideas often arise from the most unwanted and not-in-use materials. Room dividers by the recycled materials of the old architectural building supplies are a truly a distinctive idea. Antique stores, flea markets, thrift stores and architectural salvage stores can help you collect some amazing stuffs up and all you need then is a little imagination.



Shutters could be laid side-by-side with three iron hinges attached to it at proper positions. This creates a room divider to fit the shabby, chic or country style décor.


Panels or plain hollow doors:

Apply the same shutter technique here with 2-3 old recycled doors of the same height. Paint or sand the doors as per your personal style. Attach the decorative hinges then. Frames art and small shelving is best on the plain-door room dividers.



A series of old windows could be connected together with hinges on it. Piano hinges go well with it or you can also try 3-inch-long hinges to join the common edges to connect the windows. A variety of window sizes are best for creating the panels. Join three small windows vertically in a row for the center panel and of the room divider and attach two long windows on either side. Put up the hinges now on the window frame. Stained glass paint on the frames gives them an artistic touch. You want to make it stand and so decorative feet along the bottom of the window could be fixed. Well if you don’t, just suspend the window room divider from the ceiling with the aid of chains.



Recycled fabric is a good idea to complement the room décor. Take 2-inch square wood strips and make them into a frame that matches up to the overall height and one-third of the total wanted width of the room divider. You need three panels of equal width for this. Plaster the frame with the fabric you have. Spray adhesive, use hot glue or all the sticky substances you have to make sure it doesn’t come off and holds onto the frame. You can decorate it with strips of ribbons for an additional charm. Add the hinges to the common edges of the frame. Put the decorative feet again alongside the bottom of each frame. This completes your window room divider.

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